If you are reading this you have probably received a FREE MOVIE from someone. SAILINGFLIX is a concept supported and funded by www.induna.com. The idea is simple, we mail Movies for Free to people randomly, they Watch It and Pass it On to someone who will do the same...and so on...
How does giving out movies for free benefit you?
We find that sending out free movies is a great way of spreading the word about our website. But more than anything else it is fun to send out movies to unknown people and then hear back from them. Not to mention that we sometimes get to watch rare foreign movies which are hard-to-find in India...
What kind of movies do you send out?
Every time one of us wants to watch a movie we are selling, we open one, watch it and send it out with a SAILINGFLIX Label. Also, we often end up with DVDs/VCDs with slightly damaged-covers, shelf-wear etc. and lot of times these are merchandises which cannot be returned. We play-check these disks and they get mailed if we find the disks are in great condition. We also mail a good number of brand new DVDs and VCDs every month.
Will you send me a couple of Movies if I mailed you my address?
No. The people to whom we send out these movies are selected by us randomly. The only time we make an exception is for non-profit organizations associated with cinema. If you are the administrator of any such organization or the moderator of a forum which cater to movie lovers, send us an email with your postal address and a link to your website. If we like what you are doing we will be more than happy to mail you a packet with a few movies to be passed along.
I have received a movie in mail today with a SAILINGFLIX Label. The disk is scratched badly and unplayable. What can I do about it?
We are sorry to hear that. But there is nothing you can do about it. While we make sure that the disks we send out are New or Like-New. Unfortunately DVD and VCD Disks are prone to scratches and damage every time they are played upon. It seems that you have received a disk which has been circulated a huge number of time.
I have received a Free movie. Do you have a forum or a website where I can write about it?
This the only page we have and we have have put it up for anyone who gets curious or freaked out on receiving free-movies in mail. At the moment, we do not have any intention of having a forum. But if you have something interesting to share with us, we will love to hear from you, do write to us at SF@induna.com.
To whom should I pass the movie after I have watched it?
To whom you chose to pass the movie on is upto you. But it is certainly desirable that you forward the movie into the hands of someone who you think would love to watch the movie.
Can I make copies of a movie I've received and them pass them along?
Please don't do that. We do not encourage piracy in any form.