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I am not in India, can I still become an Affiliate?
Yes you can, the Affiliate Programme is open to people from all countries.

How much commission can I earn through my links?
For all sales generated by your links, you will earn a commission of 5%. The commission percent will be calculated upon the total Merchandise-Value for every sale generated by your referral. Shipping charges will not be taken into consideration while calculating commission.

Is there a minimum about of commission I earn for every sale generated by my links?
There is. For all sales within India, you get a minimum commission of Rs.10.00 for every transaction. And for all overseas sales, you earn a minimum commission of $0.25 for every transaction.

How long do visitors have to make a purchase until I no longer earn a commission on their purchase?
You will receive commissions for all sales which take place within 24-hour of the visitors' first coming to through your link. If during this 24-hour period a visitor revisits your blog or website and comes to once again by clicking on one of your links, a new 24-hour window will open for you. However, if during this 24-hour period a visitor returns to by clicking on a link from another Affiliate's blog or website, a 24-hour window will open for this another Affiliate.

How do I get paid?
If you are in India, commission payments will be made to you in INR. A cheque or a demand-draft will be courier to you. All overseas Affiliates will get paid in USD through PayPal. Commission earned by you will be converted to your currency as per the prevailing currency-exchange-rate at the time of the payment.

When do I get paid?
Payments for commissions earned during the month will be paid during the first week of the next month.

Is there a minimum amount I need to earn before I get paid?

If you are an overseas Affiliate and we owe you less than $5, your earnings will be rolled into the next month's total. For Indian Affiliates, the minimum payment amount is Rs.100.00.

This sounds interesting. How do I begin?
If you own a blog or a website, fill in the form to APPLY for the Affiliate Programme. One of us will contact you to get you started with this.