Simi Garewal (Born 1947)

Simi Garewal is a graceful, elegant and a talented Hindi movie actress who, owing to her impeccable English accent, got her first break in an English film “Tarzan Goes to India” opposite Feroz Khan in 1962. Simi grew up in England and had to learn Hindi to find herself a place in Hindi films. During the 1960s and 1970s , she worked with some of the most respected directors of Indian cinema such as Raj Khosla, Satyajit Ray, Raj Kapoor and Mrinal Sen. Her most remembered and popular role was that of a villainess in ‘Karz’. In 1980s, Simi turned to writing and direction and started her own production company ‘Siga Arts International’. She produced, directed and hosted a television series titled “It’s a Woman’s World” for Doordarshan followed by some documentaries on Raj Kapoor and Rajiv Gandhi that won her national and international acclaim. She is currently hosting a popular talk show “Rendezvous with Simi Garewal” which has been on the air for almost over a decade now. She has been awarded Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in “Do Badan” 1966 and again in 1968 for her role in “Saathi”. Apart from these, Simi has been awarded the Indian Television Academy Award, Rotary Award (2003) for Vocational Excellence in Media & Television and Indian Filmgoers Association Award for the Best Talk Show. As graceful as she is Simi is popularly known as ‘The Lady in White’ owing to her signature white clothes that she wears at award ceremonies and TV shows.



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1.Rukhsat VCD  (1988)PriyaRs.31Out of Stock

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