Nabyendu Chatterjee 

Nabyendu Chatterjee started out as an actor. But the attempt failed and he shifted focus to direction. He assisted Arabindu Mukherjee between 1962 and 1965. His first independent venture was 'Naya Rasta' (1967) in Hindi. His second was 'Adwitiya' (1968) in Bengali. In 1972, he made 'Chithi and Ranur Pratham Bhag'. 'Aaj Kaal Porshur Galpo' (1981) and 'Chopper' (1985) established him as an off-mainstream filmmaker. 'Sarisreep', (1987), 'Parasuramer Kuthar' (1989), 'Atmaja' and 'Shilpi' followed. His last film, 'Mansur Mian-r Ghoda' is his best film to date. Nabyendu's work reveals certain aesthetic qualities that lie hidden under a thin veneer of somewhat coarsely textured crafstmanship. His choice of literary stories to be translated in film scripts by himself, is classic in its uniqueness. The struggle of the individual to survive and triumph over the dregs of life he or she belongs to, forms the central idea of his films.

(Mini Biography by journalist and author Shoma A Chatterji. She has authored 16 published books of which seven are on cinema, five are on gender issues, three are short fiction and one is urban history. Shoma has won the National Award for the Best Writing on cinema twice. Her lucid narratives reflect her immense knowledge and passion for movies.)



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