Shamir Tandon 



Music Composer
1.Jail CD  (2009)T SeriesRs.144Out of Stock
2.Page 3 - A Complete Album CD  (2005)EMIRs.125Out of Stock
3.Traffic Signal CD  (2007)Sony BMGRs.160Out of Stock
4.100 Years Of Indian Cinema (Set 3) [10 Disc Set] DVD EagleRs.1999Out of Stock
5.332 Mumbai To India DVD NAComing Soon
6.Aa Gaya Hero DVD NAComing Soon
7.Aamras DVD  (2009)Moser BaerRs.179Add to Cart
8.Aseema VCD  (2009)SEPLRs.94Out of Stock
9.Aseema DVD  (2009)SEPLRs.269Out of Stock
10.Badlapur Boys DVD  (2014)ShemarooRs.269Add to Cart
11.Badlapur Boys / Halla Bol / Run [3 in 1] DVD ShemarooRs.99Out of Stock
12.Bal Ganesh DVD  (2007)ShemarooRs.199Add to Cart
13.Bal Ganesh / Dashavatar / Om Namah Shivaya - The Dancing God Shiva [3 in 1] DVD ShemarooRs.99Add to Cart
14.Bal Ganesh 2 DVD  (2009)ShemarooRs.199Add to Cart
15.Bal Ganesh 2 / Bal Hanuman 2 / Sons Of Ram [3 in 1] DVD ShemarooRs.99Add to Cart
16.Bank Chor DVD  (2017)Yash Raj FilmsRs.269Out of Stock
17.Cash / Mission Istaanbul / Love Story 2050 [3 in 1] DVD Reliance Big Home VideoRs.49Out of Stock
18.Click DVD  (2010)Moser BaerRs.89Add to Cart
19.Click / Phoonk 2 / Sssshhh... [3 in 1] DVD Moser BaerRs.49Out of Stock
20.Corporate VCD  (2006)Excel Home VideosRs.99Out of Stock
21.Corporate DVD  (2006)Excel Home VideosRs.199Out of Stock
22.Cover Story DVD NAComing Soon
23.Delhi Eye DVD NAComing Soon
24.Ek: The Power Of One / Runway / Shadow [3 in 1] DVD ShemarooRs.49Out of Stock
25.Fever DVD  (2016)ShemarooRs.269Out of Stock
26.Gaddaar / Dilwale / Rakht [3 in 1] DVD Moser BaerRs.49Out of Stock
27.Help / Saaya / Red Swastik [3 in 1] DVD Moser BaerRs.49Out of Stock
28.Help / Shaapit / Click [3 in 1] DVD Moser BaerRs.40Out of Stock
29.Iqbal / Yash / Stumped [3 in 1] DVD UltraRs.48Out of Stock
30.Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na / Jail / Bhool Bhulaiyaa [3 in 1] DVD T SeriesRs.62Out of Stock
31.Jail Blu-ray  (2009)T SeriesRs.629Add to Cart
32.Jail DVD  (2009)T SeriesRs.49Out of Stock
33.Jail VCD  (2009)T SeriesRs.38Out of Stock
34.Kirchiyaan DVD NAComing Soon
35.Kuch Log DVD NAComing Soon
36.Loot DVD  (2011)T SeriesRs.62Out of Stock
37.Loot VCD  (2011)T SeriesRs.104Out of Stock
38.Loot / Life Partner / Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap [3 in 1] DVD T SeriesRs.62Out of Stock
39.Mission Istaanbul DVD  (2008)Reliance Big Home VideoRs.69Out of Stock
40.My Friend Pinto VCD  (2011)DisneyRs.94Add to Cart
41.My Friend Pinto DVD  (2011)DisneyRs.269Add to Cart
42.Page 3 VCD  (2005)EagleRs.69Out of Stock
43.Page 3 DVD  (2005)EagleRs.199Add to Cart
44.Page 3 / Chandni Bar / Before The Rains [3 in 1] DVD EagleRs.49Out of Stock
45.Page 3 / Chandni Bar / Traffic Signal [3 Disc Pack] DVD EagleRs.499Out of Stock
46.Page 3 / Karma Aur Holi / Before The Rains [3 in 1] DVD EagleRs.49Out of Stock
47.Phoonk 2 / Red Swastik / Agyaat [3 in 1] DVD Moser BaerRs.49Out of Stock
48.Phoonk 2 / Shaapit / Click [3 in 1] DVD Moser BaerRs.49Out of Stock
49.Pizza VCD  (2014)Reliance Big Home VideoRs.118Out of Stock
50.Pizza DVD  (2014)Reliance Big Home VideoRs.269Out of Stock
51.Pizza / Haunted / 1920 - Evil Returns [3 in 1] DVD Reliance Big Home VideoRs.69Out of Stock
52.Raaz / Red Swastik / Bhayanak [3 in 1] DVD Moser BaerRs.49Out of Stock
53.Rakht DVD  (2004)ShemarooRs.99Out of Stock
54.Rakht VCD  (2004)Moser BaerRs.34Out of Stock
55.Rakht / Rokkk / Dhund: The Fog [3 in 1] DVD EagleRs.49Out of Stock
56.Red Swastik VCD  (2007)Pen VideoRs.69Out of Stock
57.Red Swastik DVD  (2007)Pen VideoRs.299Out of Stock
58.Red Swastik / Click / Bhayanak [3 in 1] DVD Moser BaerRs.49Out of Stock
59.Runway VCD  (2009)ShemarooRs.49Out of Stock
60.Runway DVD  (2009)ShemarooRs.99Add to Cart
61.Sadda Adda VCD  (2012)DisneyRs.94Out of Stock
62.Sadda Adda DVD  (2012)DisneyRs.269Add to Cart
63.Satrangee Parachute DVD  (2011)Magna Home VideoRs.149Add to Cart
64.Satrangee Parachute VCD  (2011)Magna Home VideoRs.94Add to Cart
65.Shor In The City / Loot / Yeh Saali Zindagi [3 in 1] DVD T SeriesRs.62Add to Cart
66.Stumped DVD  (2003)ShemarooRs.99Out of Stock
67.Superstar DVD  (2008)Moser BaerRs.49Out of Stock
68.The Director's Cut - Vol. II (Page 3 / Golmaal / Deewaar / Arth/ 1947 Earth) [5 Disc Pack] DVD EagleRs.799Out of Stock
69.Traffic Signal VCD  (2007)EagleRs.69Out of Stock
70.Traffic Signal DVD  (2007)EagleRs.199Add to Cart
71.Traffic Signal / Before The Rains / Khauff [3 in 1] DVD EagleRs.69Add to Cart
72.Traffic Signal / Karma Aur Holi / Rokkk [3 in 1] DVD EagleRs.69Add to Cart
73.Umar DVD  (2006)Lara VideoRs.45Out of Stock
74.Utt Pataang DVD  (2011)Reliance Big Home VideoRs.199Out of Stock
75.Vaastav: The Reality / Rakht / Naam [3 in 1] DVD Moser BaerRs.49Out of Stock