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Piku (2015)

Piku / The Lunchbox DVD [4 DVD Pack]

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Set of 2 Movies

Piku (2015)

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Year: 2015


Category: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy, Drama


Piku (Deepika Padukone) is a Delhi-based architect who manages her small business, runs her home and takes care of her 70 year old father, Bhashkor Banerji (Amitabh Bachchan). A hypochondriac, Piku's Baba must ensure that he has her attention 24*7, leaving her with little time to do anything else. Romance and getting a life of her own just don't seem possible! While both are deeply attached to one another, they are equally strong headed, stubborn and just won't let go when dealing with each others idiosyncrasies and quirks!

When Bhashkor emotionally blackmails Piku to take a road trip from Delhi to Kolkata, the owner of the local cab service, Rana (Irrfan Khan), has no choice but to drive them personally since none of his drivers are willing to endure Piku or her eccentric father. During this undesired road trip they learn to deal with each others moods and idiosyncrasies and it reveals more than Bhashkor's bathroom habits.

What follows is a heady mix of motion, emotion and commotion, which culminates as Piku and Bhaskhor return to their roots in Kolkata, giving us an insight into the father-daughter relationship where Bhaskor's irritating yet endearing demeanor and Piku's equally headstrong nature may always be at loggerheads but this seemingly dysfunctional relationship is bonded by an understated and an unconditional love that leaves you wanting more.

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Irfan Khan, Jishu Sengupta, Moushmi Chatterjee, Akshay Oberoi, Raghuvir Yadav

Director: Shoojit Sircar

Music Director: Anupam Roy

The Lunchbox (2013)

Also Known As: The Lunch Box, Dabba

Country: India

Language: Hindi, English

Year: 2013


Category: Feature Film

Genre: Drama


A wrongly delivered lunchbox connects a housewife, Ila Vaid, to Saajan Fernandes, a lonely man in the dusk of his life. Ila lives in Kandivili, the conservative middle class Hindu enclave. And Saajan lives in Ranwar village, Bandra, an old Christian neighborhood that is threatened by the new high rises of Mumbai. Very soon Saajan will retire and bid goodbye to a Mumbai that crushed his dreams, took away his loved ones one by one, and turned his hair white. Just then Ila comes into his life. In the big city, that crushes dreams and recycles them everyday, both find a dream to hold on to. They exchange notes in the lunchbox and create a fantasy life. As the lunchbox goes back and forth, this fantasy becomes so elaborate that it threatens to overwhelm their reality... THE LUNCHBOX is the story of nostalgia and of hope for the future, and above all, of the small joys of life that need our attention.

Cast: Irfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Denzil Smith, Bharati Achrekar, Nakul Vaid, Lillete Dubey, Yashvi Puneet Nagar, Shruti Bapna, Nasir Khan

Director: Ritesh Batra

Music Director: Max Richter

Format: DVD

Label: Reliance Big Home Video

Catalog No: 01439

DVD Region: All Region

No Of Disks: 4

Subtitles: English

Video: NTSC