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Netaji & India's Freedom: Film, Speeches and Songs CD [3 CD + 1 DVD]

Itemcode: 1000017585
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Format: CD

Label: Saregama

Catalog No: CDNF 143158-60 / D 42005

No Of Disks: 4

Country: India

Language: English / Hindi / Bengali

Genre: Spoken Word

Voice: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose


Disc 1 (The Voice Of Netaji)
01 Speech At Flag Hoisting Ceremony, Haripura Congress 1938
02 Message Of Congress President In English,1938
03 Message Of Congress President In Hindi, 1938
04 Message Of Congress President In Bengali, 1938
05 Recorded Statement After Resignation As Congress President In Bengali, 1938
06 Excerpt Of Speech In German On Indian Independence Day, Berlin, 1938
07 Speech At Press Confrence In Tokyo, June 1943
08 Broadcast From Tokyo In English, June 1943
09 Broadcast From Tokyo In English, Bengali, 1943
10 Address To Indian Independence League In Hindi, In Singapore, July 1943
11 Excerpt From Speech At Greater East Asia Confrence In Tokyo, November 1943
12 Address To The INA In English 1944

Disc 2 (INA Songs With Commentary)
01 Subhasji, Subhasji : Orchestra
02 Subhasji, Subhasji : Vocal
03 Ham Delhi Delhi Jayenge : Orchestra
04 Ham Delhi Delhi Jayenge : Vocal
05 Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja : Orchestra
06 Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja : Vocal
07 He Veer Balako : Orchesta
08 He Veer Balako : Vocal
09 Azad Hind Ke Jawan : Orchestra
10 Azad Hind Ke Jawan : Vocal

Disc 3 (DELHI CHALO - INA Songs)
01 Introduction
02 Netaji's Last Message Broadcast To His Countrymen Of East Asia
03 Subhasji, Subhasji
04 Ham Delhi Delhi Jayenge
05 Sab Sukh Chain Ki
06 Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja
07 Uthe Sue Bharat Ke
08 Hum Bharat Ke Beti
09 He Veer Balako
10 Hindi Sipahi
11 Jai Ho Mahadesh Hamara
12 Quami Tirangi Jhande
13 Azad Hind Sena
14 Sab Se Uncha Hai
15 Netaji Hamare Haste Haste
16 Commentary: Sisir Kumar Bose
17 Excerpt Netaji's Call To His Countrymen In East Asia

Disc 4 (NETAJI AND INDIA's FREEDOM [DVD] A Flim by Sugata Bose)
This is the most important documentary to date on the life and work of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Balanced, informed and inspiring, it is based on a wealth of original archival material collected over four decades. It situates Netaji's personality and role within the broader context of India's struggle for independence, revisits a most exciting epoch in our history and reminds the Indian people that their revered leader remains the truest representative of the revolutionary current of Indian nationalism and an alternative egalitarian vision in Free India.