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B.A. Pass (2013)

B.A. Pass / Do Jism Ek Pyar / Main Hoon Miss Chandni DVD [3 in 1]

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3 Movies in 1 DVD

B.A. Pass (2013)

Also Known As: BA Pass, B A Pass

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Year: 2013


Category: Feature Film

Genre: Drama, Mature


After losing his parents in a car accident, Mukesh stays at his Aunt's house in Delhi. Enrolled in a good for nothing course in college he finds peace by playing chess at the local cemetery, the rest of the times he worries over ways to make a living and taking care of his sisters. 'B.A.Pass' is a story looking at the fatal promise of a new life. When Mukesh meets Sarika 'auntie' at a kitty party, little does he know of the city and it's ways and means to survive. Sarika seduces Mukesh, shy and inexperienced he falls for her. What follows is a twist of destiny, a kind of story that appears in the tabloids as 'heinous acts of crime'.

Cast: Shilpa Shukla, Shadab Kamal, Rajesh Sharma, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Vijay Kaushik, Anula Navlekar, Happy Ranjit, Amit Sharma, Geeta Aggarwal Sharma, Raveena Singh

Director: Ajay Bahl

Music Director: Alakananda Dasgupta

Story: Ritesh Shah

I Can't Think Straight (2008)

Also Known As: Do Jism Ek Pyar

Country: India

Language: English

Year: 2008


Category: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mature, Romance


Tala, a London-based Jordanian of Palestinian origin, prepares for an elaborate wedding with her Jordanian fiancé, when she encounters a timid Leyla, a young British Indian woman who is dating her best friend Ali.

Tala comes from a spirited Christian family; whereas Leyla's strong Muslim upbringing could not be more different from each other but the attraction is immediate between both girls. Tala's feisty nature provokes Leyla out of her shell and soon both women reveal their feelings for each other.

However, Tala is not ready to accept the implications of the choice her heart has made and escapes back to Jordan where her chain-smoking, high-brow mother finishes preparations for her ostentatious wedding. As family members descend and the wedding day approaches, simmering family tensions come to boiling point and the pressure mounts for Tala to be true to herself and she breaks off the wedding.

Meanwhile a heartbroken Leyla relishes her newly found sense of identity and self-respect and moves on with her new life - much to the shock of her parents. Single again, Tala flies back to London - but it will take more than just a date set up by Ali and Leyla's sister Zina to win Leyla back.

Cast: Lisa Ray, Sheetal Shah, Dalip Tahil, Antonia Frering, Nina Wadia, Daud Shah, Anya Lahiri, Gabrielle Amies, Amber Rose Revah, Rez Kempton, Ernest Ignatius, Siddiqua Akhtar, Kimberly Jaraj, Sam Vincenti, George Tardios, Ishwar Maharaj, Jessica Allsop

Director: Shamim Sarif

Music Director: Raiomond Mirza

Main Hoon Miss Chandni

Country: India

Language: Hindi


Category: Feature Film

Genre: Mature, Obscure

Format: DVD

Label: Eagle

Catalog No: EDVD B 5358

DVD Region: All Region

No Of Disks: 1

Video: NTSC