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Crook: It's Good To Be Bad (2010)

Crook DVD

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Neha Sharma

Director: Mohit Suri

Itemcode: 1000007177
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Crook: It's Good To Be Bad (2010)

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Year: 2010


Category: Feature Film

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller


Jai has a knack of getting into trouble. His Father was a gangster who wanted to reform. On assurance from his friend Inspector Joseph, Jai's father agreed to rat on his evil bosses. Inspector Joseph guaranteed him that he would find Jai's father and Jai a safe passage into the world of good once his bosses have been exposed.

But the unexpected happened. Jai witnessed the fatal double cross on his father, despite his confession, by a senior police officer. Joseph's valiant effort to save him went in vain. This traumatic incident left a lasting impression on Jai's mind that there was no point in being good and that 'It's Good to be Bad.'

Joseph adopted Jai out of guilt and realized that when he could no longer control Jai's reckless behavior he must be sent away. He arranged an alternate identity for him as Suraj Bhardwaj and sent him away to Australia - a land far away from his past.

However, trouble followed Jai where he tried to run away from it as he witnessed the cold-blooded racial assault on Samarth. Going to the police would mean an investigation on Jai's credentials and walking away would mean losing Suhani. Jai had fled from India to find a new hassle free life and now found himself in the heart of a racially disturbed city. Jai's plight grew as the racial attacks spread across the city. The only way to deal with the issue at hand was to take the bull by its horns. He found himself at a crossroad of good and bad. But ironically the line dividing good and bad was running straight through his heart. It was a time when Jai had to figure whether it's Good to be bad or it is Good to be Good.

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Neha Sharma, Arjan Bajwa, Francis Chouler, Mashhoor Amrohi, Kavin Dave, Gulshan Grover, Smiley Suri, Shella Alan

Director: Mohit Suri

Music Director: Pritam

Format: DVD

Label: Reliance Big Home Video

Catalog No: 01013

DVD Region: All Region

No Of Disks: 1

Subtitles: English

Video: NTSC


Making of the Film & Documentary