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Savages (1972)

Savages DVD

(DVD includes 54 mins documentary film 'Adventures of a Brown Man in Search of Civilization')

James Ivory

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Savages (1972)

Country: United States

Language: English, German

Year: 1972


Category: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy


A croquet ball lands amid a tribe of forest-dwelling - Mud People, providing the catalyst that brings together the two distinct worlds of SAVAGES, Merchant Ivory Production's intriguing, enigmatic 1972 comedy that explores, compares and contrasts the primitive and cultured sides of man's nature.

Based on an original screenplay by two young writers, George Swift Trow of The New Yorker magazine, and Michael O'Donoghue of television's - Saturday Night Live, Savages seems at first the most unlikely film to have come from James Ivory. An absurdist view of history and the high life suggested partly by Luis Buñuel's The Exterminating Angel, it may remind the viewer of themes and favorite character types to be found in many of Ivory's later films.

Retracing the croquet ball's path, the Mud People are led to an abandoned mansion, where they assume the trappings of civilization‚ as they transform into the eccentric guests at a lavish and decadent 1930s weekend house party. Each 'civilised' character, however, cannot shed his or her true nature - savage conduct, atavistic social rituals and sexual abandonment are all common to both their primitive and advanced‚ states. Oscar nominee SAM WATERSTON (The Killing Fields, The Great Gatsby, Law & Order) in his first featured role, is among the superb ensemble cast of this highly original, atmospheric film in which veterans Anne Francine and Thayer David are also outstanding.

Cast: Lewis J Stadlen, Anne Francine, Thayer David, Susan Blakely, Russ Thacker, Salome Jens, Margaret Brewster, Neil Fitzgerald, Eva Saleh, Ultra Violet, Asha Puthli, Martin Kove, Kathleen Widdoes, Christopher Pennock, Sam Waterston, Paulita Sedgwick

Director: James Ivory

Music Director: Joe Raposo

Screenplay: George W S Trow, Michael O'Donoghue

Adventures Of A Brown Man In Search Of Civilization (1972)

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Year: 1972

Category: Documentary


After Bombay Talkie, Merchant Ivory turned next to a documentary. BBC television commissioned them to do a film on Nirad Chaudhuri, the celebrated Indian polymath whom Merchant, Ivory, and Jhabvala had all known in India, and who was then in England doing research for a book on the Sanskrit scholar Max Müeller. Chaudhuri is clearly an extraordinary man. His interests are not only cross-cultural (he is a brilliant commentator on comparative cultures of India and the West), but also interdisciplinary--involving history, anthropology, linguistics, political science, sociology, and a half-dozen other fields. He can talk on any subject under the sun. Chaudhuri is also a passionate Anglophile, as he proclaimed in his book A Passage to England, one of whose chapter titles provides the title of the documentary.
In the 54-minute film, Ivory observes the diminutive (he is only five feet tall), seventy-six-year-old scholar in the settings of Oxford and London. Ivory places him in a number of situations: a dinner party, a don's study, a visit to a graveyard, a fitting at a tailor's, a walk along the town's High Street--and lets him talk. Nimble-witted and voluble, he expounds on everything from the beauties of his beloved Mozart to the misrule, or rather the lack of any rule at all, of India; from his passion for Kipling (the best of all English writers on India, he maintains) to the vacuousness of the yoga cult and the intellectually damaging effects of the Indian diet, deficient in protein. His spryness as a walker of Oxford's streets is matched by his biting and provocative opinions, which he appears to relish. He becomes a self-creating portrait; and Ivory, in fact, regards the film, so concise and yet so full of life, as a "profile."

Cast: Nirad C Chaudhuri

Director: James Ivory

Voice: Barry Foster

Format: DVD

Label: Excel Home Videos

Catalog No: MIP1006

DVD Region: All Region

No Of Disks: 1

Certification: A

Runtime: 101 minutes

Video: PAL

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen


DVD includes 54 mins documentary film Adventures of a Brown Man in Search of Civilization by James Ivory

Additional Notes

Optional English subtitles over German dialogue for the movie SAVAGES